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Stable pressure dew point under changing operating conditions

The DRYPOINT M eco control is the first electronically controlled drying system where operators can control the degree of drying by setting the pressure dew point (+10°C to - 26°C) or the difference between the compressed air temperature and the pressure dew point at the outlet. This defined degree of drying is then maintained even under changing operating conditions. Energy is only consumed when needed for drying. This innovative system closes the technological gap between refrigeration and adsorption dryers.

The DRYPOINT M eco control does not only guarantee exceptionally low operating costs, but also guarantees excellent operational safety and fast response, all packed into a compact unit. That is why all models of this series bear our eco seal.

The system consists of tried and tested components such as membrane dryers, compressed air filters, control devices and sensors and is very easy to operate. Maintenance is reduced to a minimum, and there is only one filter element that might need to be replaced from time to time. The fail-safe function ensures that the compressed air is also dried in the event of a power failure.

Advantages of the DRYPOINT® M eco control at a glance

  • Reliable and continuous supply of dried compressed air of the required quality
  • No risk of condensation in compressed air lines
  • Low operating costs combined with high operational safety
  • Low energy consumption
  • Guaranteed degree of drying even in the event of a system or power failure
  • Cost-effective alternative to adsorption dryer
  • Fast response and compact design
  • Made from components designed for continuous long-term operation

Optimised operating modes for all applications

Users simply select the operating mode and the application-specific degree of drying on the user-friendly touch screen. The current mode and state of the unit are indicated by LEDs.

Users can choose between two modes designed to ensure reliable drying as operating conditions (pressure, temperature, volume) change:

Constant mode

constant pdp

The DRYPOINT M eco control keeps the pressure dew point at the outlet at a set temperature between +10 and -26 °C, irrespective of the actual operating conditions. You can thus be rest assured that the required degree of drying is guaranteed at all times.

Dynamic Mode

dynamic pdp

The pressure dew point is reduced by a fixed value of between 10 and 55 K relative to the compressed air temperature. If the temperature at the inlet changes, the pressure dew point is automatically increased or reduced accordingly. You therefore know that the desired degree of drying is maintained at all times, even as the compressed air temperature fluctuates.

Much more than a membrane dryer

Error signals are forwarded by a floating contact. An analog data transfer interface allows for detailed performance logging and analysis – for instance on a connected METPOINT UD01 plug-on display or a METPOINT BDL data logger. Another great step forward towards Industry 4.0.