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DRYPOINT AC desiccant dryers

The DRYPOINT AC desiccant dryer range use top-quality desiccants, guaranteeing reliable supply of compressed air of the highest quality. The desiccant adsorbs moisture to a pressure dew point as low as -40 °C (optional -70 °C), thus ensuring trouble-free and efficient production.

Combining load-dependent control and compressor synchronisation control, the system enables you to save energy, resulting in significantly lower operating costs. The desiccant dryer is a complete system solution with many further advantages: In combination with CLEARPOINT prefilters and after-filters and a BEKOMAT condensate drain, the DRYPOINT AC desiccant dryer offers you unrivalled safety – for volume flow rates from 10 to 8,200 m³/h.

With shuttle valve: DRYPOINT ® AC 410-495

  • For volume flow rates from 100 to 1,000 m³/h
  • Fail-safe thanks to shuttle valve with integrated purge air line, ensuring adequate purge air flow even in the event of a power failure
  • Sturdy and safe design with galvanised press fittings
  • Easy to transport by lift truck
  • Service access to all components

Unrivalled flexibility: DRYPOINT® AC 119-196

  • For volume flow rates from 10 to 120 m³/h
  • Constant high degree of drying
  • Flow-optimised prefilter, minimising pressure loss
  • Suitable for connection to any standard power supply system in the world
  • Twenty different installation options, including solutions for confined spaces, with multiport manifold
  • Also suitable for horizontal installation, thanks to reloaded desiccant

20 different installation options - including solutions for confined spaces

The DRYPOINT AC 119-196 is preconfigured for a wide range of installation layouts and conditions. Simply turn the connection block (multiport manifold) as required to position the air flow inlet and outlet to suit your needs.