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Advantages at a glance

  • High-performance filtration: up to 10-fold increased oil aerosol deposition rates
  • Optimum energy efficiency: extensivelyreduced differential pressure
  • Application-based: able to fulfil every compressed air filtration requirement with just 3 filtration rates

Threaded filter PN16 | PN50

  • Efficient filtration between 30 % and 130 % for the energy-optimised volume flows

  • Up to 30 % higher volume flow

  • Simple, safe and space-saving connection to multiple filters
  • Performance range from 35 to 3,120 m³/h at 7 bar

Flange filter PN 16

  • Efficient filtration between 30 % and 111 % for the energyoptimised volume flows  

  • Corrosion protection by utilising high-temperature galvanizing

  • Performance range from 1,420 up to 34,680 m³/h at 7 bar   

Threaded filters - practical details

1.       Multiple filter levels save space and are simple to assemble  

2.       Flow efficient air intake for the lowest possible pressure losses. Simple and rapid filter element exchange with Push-Fit-Design  

3.       Connection possibility for condensate discharge such as e.g. BEKOMAT®    

4.       Quick and easy to use wall fixing (optional)  

5.       Double-implemented trapezoidal thread for quick and secure assembly for the 16 bar version   

6.       Secured slide feed Prevents inadvertent opening under pressure   

7.       Corrosion protected housing made of anodised, sea water resistant aluminium   

8.       Integrated key aid (external hexagonal) for easy opening of the housing 

Flange filters - practical details

1. Simple installation with two same-height compressed air connections 

2. Service-friendly filter element Interchange via the upper blank flange 

3. The optional differential pressure gauge indicates directly whether the filter unit must be changed – ideal to retain the energy costs at a low level. 

4. The large surface area of the filter element reduces the air speed to energy-economic values  

5. High-quality surface protection by utilising hightemperature galvanising on the inside and paint on the outside  

6. The flange filter can be anchored not only on the wall but also on the floor with the optional adjusting feet