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Constantly oil-free compressed air of a very high quality

BEKOKAT makes achievable constantly oil-free compressed air with a maximum residual oil content of a barely measurable 0.001 mg/m³ of compressed air. A quality level which is required in particularly demanding production processes. The condensate accumulating during the cooling-down of the compressed air is also absolutely oil-free and can flow into the sewerage system without being processed. The enormously long service life of the special granular material of the BEKOKAT is also extremely advantageous as far as profitability is concerned: it only needs to be replaced after a good 20,000 operating hours.

The BEKOKAT® advantages at a glance:

  • Constantly oil-free compressed air, better than ISO 8573-1, class 1 oil content
  • Independent of the ambient temperature, air humidity and initial oil concentration
  • Environmentally friendly, no hazardous waste. Clean, oil-free condensate 
  • Partial load operation without restrictions. Long service lives
  • For absolute process reliability