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Proper preventive maintenance of the equipment is the key to consistent high compressed air quality and helps prevent downtimes and costs arising from compressed air contamination.

Regular audits and a maintenance contract with BEKO TECHNOLOGIES ensure that your system is regularly inspected and tested by our experts, so that any potential problems are detected well in time

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offers a full range of services designed to optimise your compressed air system components and your application. We of course also provide any necessary spare and wear parts. In the event of a problem, we respond within 24 hours. After each service call-out, you receive a detailed report of all work performed on site.

Our comprehensive maintenance program includes:

  • Regular testing of your compressed air/compressed gas system
  • Professional maintenance, repair and calibration
  • Test runs prior to commissioning/recommissioning
  • Leakage and function tests
  • Fast response by our service technicians in the event of a problem
  • Comprehensive service reports

The high skills level or our staff and our continuous training programme for service technicians form the basis for the excellent service standard we provide to customers.

Our service team are highly qualified and operate according to a well-managed deployment scheme, ensuring that all work is completed to the highest technical specifications and in a cost-effective manner.

For work in nuclear power stations, we deploy technicians who have been security-vetted and issued with radiation passports. We also provide services to companies in the refrigeration sector, as we employ electrical technicians who are certified for category 1.