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Repair service

Competent, reliable and quick

Despite regular maintenance, you might from time to time face the challenge of unexpected repairs. Such situations always lead to disruptions in the workflow, and you might even need to shut down your plant. We make sure that production downtimes can be prevented or at least minimised. Thanks to our complete stock of original BEKO TECHNOLOGIES spare and wear parts, our specialist technicians can carry out most repairs on site without any further delay. Prior to any work, we will of course submit a detailed costs estimate. For certain repairs, we need to bring your equipment back to our workshop. Following a repair, our service team will submit a detailed reports covering all tasks performed and spare parts used.

Depending on the general state of repair of your system, repairs are often more cost-effective than replacing devices. If you do however need to invest in new equipment, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offer you the option to hire devices so that you have all the time you need to take a decision on the purchase. Alternatively, you might wish to opt for second-hand equipment available from us. For expert advice on the best option open to you, please contact the BEKO TECHNOLOGIES service team who would be delighted to assist you.