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Plant Optimisation

Data collection and analysis

Modern production methods are based on accurate measurements, as these are indispensable to eliminate undesirable fluctuations from the process and to identify further potentials for savings.

The data collection and analysis functions of our METPOINT measuring technology are the ideal tools for the optimisation of your systems.

Installation and commissioning

Having your BEKO TECHNOLOGIES product installed and commissioned by our service technicians guarantees a perfect start of your new equipment. Thanks to their know-how and experience, our technicians are able to integrate our product into your compressed air system with minimum disruption.

Old systems

We dismantle your old system and dispose of it properly. As part of our service, we disassemble the equipment for proper recycling. Contaminated parts are disposed of safely according to the applicable statutory regulations.

Hire / second-hand equipment

Do you wish to modify your compressed air treatment system or are you relocation to new premises? Do you want to remain operational and cannot do without compressed air treatment while the new installation is put in place? In this case, opt for our hire equipment. This is also a great option if you wish to test certain system components or measuring devices on site, prior to an informed purchase.