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FREE Air Quality Test

We are running a campaign ‘ Are you aware of the quality of your compressed air’ to help and raise awareness that compressed air  can cause significant problems from damaging components to the end product. In our experience compressed air contamination is generally only considered during the packaging phase, however, contamination of compressed air through direct or indirect contact with the end product poses a much greater risk, and therefore a potential hazard.

Compressed air is used in most production processes such as the food industry, pharmaceutical, electronics and many more. It is often used to transport or to mix products, purge moulds, clean canisters and containers, and also used in the direct production of the end product. As a result, it comes into direct contact with the actual end product. What is more, compressed air can come into indirect contact through packaging materials such as containers, bottles, cartons, etc., which are then used to package the product.

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES have developed continuous online measurement equipment to monitor air quality standards down to ISO 8573-1 Class 1 for particulate, dew point and oil. For UK manufacturers we are offering to come and complete an air quality test for one critical control point on your compressed air system. If you are interested please fill in the form below. We will first complete a preliminary check of your compressed air system and then book you in for your free air quality test.

FREE Air Quality Check

FREE Air Quality Check