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Continuous monitoring, accurate measurements and system optimisation

Modern production methods depend on accurate measurements, as these are indispensable to eliminate undesirable fluctuations from the process.

Accurate data forms the basis of process safety, and helps prevent non-conforming products as well as damage to plants and equipment. Accurate measurements also ensure compliance with the applicable quality assurance standards and enable operators to further optimise their compressed air stations.
Having your compressed air station optimised by the specialists of the BEKO TECHNOLOGIES service team has many advantages, as compressed air is an expensive utility. There is nearly always room for improvement, and the achievable cost savings for the operator are generally high. Operative costs can be brought down substantially, for instance by eliminating leakage. Leakage rates of 30% or higher are quite common, and leak detection on site carried out by specialists quickly pays for itself.

If you have any questions regarding optimisation and servicing, please contact our service team for more information.

The BEKO service department offers two types of air audits for compressed air stations and distribution systems:

Air Audit Standard:

  • Volumetric flow measurement
  • Pressure dew point measurement
  • Particulate content measurement
  • Measurement of residual oil content in vapour form, up to 16 bar [g]
  • Measurement of oil aerosol/vapour concentration
  • Pressure measurement


Air Audit Professional:

All measurements of standard air audit, plus:

  • Leak detection