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METPOINT OCV : TÜV-certified online system for oil vapour monitoring

Compressed air contaminated with oil can cause damage to production equipment, the environment and also the health of workers. Compressors claiming to be "oil-free" cannot guarantee oil-free compressed air, as they work with ambient air that always contains a certain concentration of hydrocarbons. In most standard applications, a certain amount of residual oil in the compressed air is unavoidable. It is therefore important for operators to constantly monitor this oil concentration.

METPOINT OCV is the first TÜV-certified* online system for the monitoring of the oil vapour content in compressed air. This high-accuracy monitoring system protects your production plant and ensures maximum product safety. All measurements, and thus the compressed air quality are documented, while the data also enables operators to identify the source of the contamination

METPOINT OCV has been certified by TÜV NORD according to ISO 8573-1, classes 1-4


Compressed air made safer - oil-free through monitoring

METPOINT OCV continuously monitors the residual oil vapour concentration in the compressed air flow during system operation, and is able to detect concentrations of only one thousandth of a mg/m³. Sampling and time-consuming lab analyses thus become a thing of the past. The system is network-compatible, comes with a touch screen display and guarantees constant process safety. Considering the potential costs and losses associated with production downtimes caused by oil contamination of the compressed air, investing in a METPOINT OCV system is simply a smart move.