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Are you aware of the Quality of Your Compressed Air ?

Between your compressor and the different points of use there are several devices for treating and managing compressed air. Each of your air stations components fulfills its own share to the resulting air quality at the final output. But do these components cooperate in an efficient manner?

Go through our Quick Check for a basic testing, we will return an answer within the next 48 hours.

The quality of compressed air according to ISO 8573.1 is indicated by three digits, separated by full stops. The first digit refers to the particulate content, the second to the water content and the third to the residual oil aerosol and vapour concentration. For the inflation of tyres, compressed air of quality class 2 for both particle and oil content is sufficient. Spray gun painting and laser cutting must be performed with compressed air of class 1 for particle and oil content. For most standard applications with operating air, class 4 for water content is sufficient. However, complex process technology applications as found in food industry, pharmaceutical and electronics industry, need to be run with compressed air that meets higher standards.

Quality Quick Check

Compressed Air Quality Quick Check